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Dr Rakesh Neve

As a cancer surgeon ,in my practice i am using tab D-IMMUNOVISTA as a supportive treatment and found positive results

Onco Surgeon, Doctor
Dr. Karuna Soni

I have used D-IMMUNOVISTA tablet for many of patients who came with the complaints of hairloss, eczema, early aging, photo damaged skin etc. Results are good.

MBBS, Fellowship in Dermatological Laser Surgery Diploma in Dermatology
Dr Padmanabh Keskar

I am using D-IMMUNOVISTA in my General Practice successfully . As a family physician all kind of patients reports to me ranging from cough and cold to HIV and malignancy. So far I have used D-IMMUNOVISTA successfully in HIV patients those who are on ART , It showed good results in some cases of psychological disturbances as a stress buster . Also tried in few hemiplegia cases as natural anti oxidant . Indeed D-IMMUNOVISTA is a good herbsl product free from any side effects.

Family Physician and EMS Consultant, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune.
Dr. Mahajan J.S.

Unique inventions in medical science derived from natural Herbal product. Efforts to conquer over immunity present "D-IMMUNOVISTA"
Advantages: Antioxidant, Improves the immunity level, To boost immunity in chronic illness, Supporting treatment in infection.

M B B S, ISBT (Pune)